Saturday, 5 April 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2X Hair Pack & Serum (Jojoba Seed & Avocado Seed)

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I do apologize for the long over-due post. I have been absolutely overwhelmed with my thesis deadline, which is only 17 days away! It's been crazy for the past few weeks, juggling between my thesis, my sociology elective (why I even took an elective during the last semester of honours still befuddles me to this day), and other events outside of school. 

Okay, here's my review for the start of April! I'll be sharing my views on one of Etude House's new (okay, by now, not really new anymore) product - Silk Scarf Damage 2x Hair Pack & Serum Series

Due to its affordability, I picked up these two types out of the 4 they had on offer: Level 2 Jojoba, and Level 4 Avocado (the rest are: Level 1 Camellia, and Level 3 Argan). 

My hair has been a little unkempt lately, mostly due to utter neglect. >< So I hoped that I could give my hair a nice treat and hopefully (and miraculously) become thick and shiny tresses. (hahahs, just kidding, no really)

Product Benefits:
[Floral Fruity] 
Top: Floral Freesia Orange Jasmine
Middle: Rose Magnolia White Peach
Bottom White Musk Amber Cedar Wood 
Jojoba Seed extract intensely nourishes hair by treating the scalp and revitalising hair for intense nourishment. The extract softens hair and prevents dehydration by forming a moisturising barrier.

[Citrus Floral Musky]
Top: Bergamot Apple
Middle: Jasmine White Rose
Bottom: Musk Cedarwood Amber

Avocado Seed extract intensely nourishes hair with its lecithin ingredient that has excellent revitalising and natural growth stimulating properties for damaged hair. Avocado Seed extract softens hair by forming a powerful barrier and providing protein to protect hair. 

Instructions for use:

  1. After shampooing, squeeze out excess water and apply treatment. Try to avoid the roots as these would often become clogged from high density creams. I usually bring a rubber scrunchie or hair clip to hold my hair up for about 5 minutes to allow the treatment to penetrate thoroughly into the hair strands. :) 
  2. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. (I like to add a dash of cold water at the end - makes hair less frizzy) 
  3. Apply essence to wet or dry hair. :) (I like to put it on towel-dried hair before blow drying it for a short while - don't want to further damage the hair!) 

My thoughts:

I really like the Jojoba Seed Mask Pack and Serum. The scent of the product smelled light and fresh. :) Unfortunately, the effects of the mask and hair serum only lasted for on the day of usage. By the next morning, my hair was back to its pre-mask&serum form. Perhaps it would be good to try using the mask pack on a regular basis (say 2 to 3 times a week) for better results. :)

The Avocado Seed Mask Pack and Serum left my hair feeling a little more weighty compared to the Jojoba Seed. This can be attributed to the higher level of intensity that is recommended on this (Avocado = Lvl 4, Jojoba = Lvl 2). In fact, the mask pack left my hair so smooth and soft that I skipped on the serum and saved it for another day.

I have thin and frizzy hair, so perhaps the Avocado Seed had been a tad too heavy for me. Perhaps I should try the Argan Seed pack to see if it would be better for my hair too. :) 
Would I buy it again: Yes! I just bought another Jojoba Seed pack when I walked past an Etude House outlet yesterday! 
Price: $1.90 for 1 hair pack + 1 hair serum
Verdict: 8/10
Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product!
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  1. We did a review on the Avocado Seed product as well! Similar thoughts, I also skipped on the tiny package and will use it as a conditioner or a small hair mask.
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