Saturday, 19 April 2014

[REVIEW] Innisfree NEW Green Tea Line (Some products from the Balancing + Fresh line!)

Hello readers! Double posts today because I had recently went on a hugggggeee Innisfree shopping spree in a span of two days. HAHAHHAS. 

First day: 
[TOP] Innisfree Cotton Pads x3
[BOTTOM LEFT]: Creamy Tint Lip Mousse, Green Tea Seed Serum, Lip Base
[BOTTOM RIGHT, clockwise from top left]: Makeup Sponges, Lip Brush, Diagonal Brush for Blusher, Green Tea Balancing Skin, Lotion, & Cream

Day Two: 
[TOP LEFT]: Green Tea Seed Serum Trial Kit, Green Tea Fresh Cream
[BOTTOM CENTRE]: Shadow Pencil in #1 Snow Crystal & #6 Sour Tangerine,Brush, Daily Brush Cleaner
As you can see, it was a huge haul on their green tea line products, lip-cosmetics, as well as beauty tools. :D For those who are unaware of it yet, Innisfree had recently re-launched their Green Tea Pure Line into THREE different types: 
  1. Fresh (for oily skin type): Skin (i.e. toner/refiner), Essence, Cream
  2. Balancing (for combination skin type): Skin, Lotion, Cream
  3. Moisture (for dry skin type): Skin, Essence, Cream (Moisture Skin was previously Pure Skin)

(Note that only the Balancing Line has Lotion, whereas only Fresh & Moisture has Essence)

So many creams~~!
Fresh - Oily, Balancing - Combination, Moisture - Dry, Seed - Deeply Moisturizing

Product Benefits
[Balancing Line - For Combination Skin Type]
Skin (toner/refiner), Lotion (moisturizer/emulsion), Cream (moisturizer)

[Fresh Line - For Oily Skin Type]
Cream, Skin, Essence

I bought the Green Tea Seed Serum, which I raved over in a past review here, and there was a special promotion ongoing where if you buy a Green Tea Seed Serum (SGD$36), you'll receive a Green Tea Special Kit containing 3 products from the Balancing Line: Skin, Lotion, & Cream. 

This was perfect as I was also looking for a moisturizer to replace the one I was currently using (that one was getting a little too oily for my face, in this humid humid huuuuuuumid weather)
The Green Tea Special Kit aren't exactly the full sized products, but they're definitely generous enough to make it this large too! :D

My thoughts:
Green Tea Special Kit: I love the Skin & Lotion! The Skin is sort of like a watery gel, and leaves my skin feeling cool and clean. The Lotion is absolutely perfect, not oily and makes my skin feeling soft afterwards! The Cream was a tad too rich though, it left my skin feeling like I've put too much stuff on my face to absorb (this may very well be true seeing that this was the last thing I applied). Although this slightly gunky feeling disappears after half an hour or so, with mad rushes in the morning, I doubt I'll have the time or the patience to wait for my skin to absorb the Cream before applying my make-up for the day. 

Here's where the Green Tea Fresh Cream comes in to save the day! 

I absolutely loveeee the clear gel! It spreads across my face like cooling water and is very very easily absorbed even after applying the Skin & Lotion. :) 

I replaced the Balancing Cream with this Fresh Cream. :) Perhaps my skin hovers in-between the Oily and Combination skin types. hahhahas. 

[I'll be posting reviews on the eye shadow pencils at a later date!]
Would I buy it again:
Yes! I most definitely think so! And I'd recommend the Green Tea Lines as gift ideas for your girlfriends, wives, friends, etc.! 
  • Green Tea Fresh Cream: SGD$25
  • Green Tea Seed Serum: SGD$36 for the serum + free Green Tea Special Kit

Verdict: 10/10!

Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about these product!
♥ Apple


  1. Great review! Helpful to see a comparison of the two creams.

    Just started using the Green Tea Fresh Cream tonight! Bought it from their new store here in Taipei after work XD

    So far so good. I was a little confused by the fact its a clear gel and the fragrance is pretty strong. I'm not so sure how well it will moisturize, but so far its incredibly comfortable on my face. I follow the Korean regime, so that's a huge improvement over the sticky, filmy residue left behind by my Clinique Moisture Surge (which I'm pretty sure has been breaking me out for about the 3 years I've been using it- hence trying this new cream now).
    Hopefully it will lock in the good stuff and won't let everything just evaporate off.

    1. hello tpexiaojie! I'm glad that you're liking the gel cram as much as I do!

  2. I have combination skin that's so dry this winter! Do you think balancing would be good for me? ^^

    1. Hello Michelle! I suppose it depends on your skin type. Balancing may work well for you if your combination skin type isn't too dry, but if you find that your skin gets tight and dry during winter, then perhaps you may consider Green Tea Seed Cream! I've read raving reviews on that, especially from people who are going through all four seasons. :)