Wednesday, 26 February 2014

[REVIEW] Innisfree Mineral Sun Waterproof BB Cream

Hello readers! Today I will be posting a review on another one of Innisfree's BB creams - Innisfree Mineral Sun Waterproof BB cream!
This BB was one of the two BB creams (the other being the no-sebum cream) which I was recommended by the salesperson at a Innisfree store when I was on my summer exchange in Seoul. I absolutely adore the make-up collection from Innisfree for having natural and pure ingredients, a very pleasant herbal fragrance, and being very effective for all their products I've used so far!

Product Benefits:
Formulated with natural mineral powder and natural green tea water from the islands of Jeju, this perfect-proof BB cream is strongly resistant to water, sebum and UV rays and lasts for up to 12 hours, providing a long lasting and luminous complexion without darkening your skin. 

  • 12 hours long-wearing makeup 
  • Maintains fresh makeup without darkening
  • Water-proof, sweat-proof, and strong UV protection (SPF 50+++)
5-free system: no parabens, no phthalate, no acryl amide, no dioxin, no alcohol

Instructions for use:
Squeeze about a 20 cent-sized amount onto your palm. Use the tip of your finger to dab the product on five points of your face (forehead, both cheeks, tip of the nose, and chin). Spread evenly and blend by patting gently.

My thoughts:

This BB cream provides light to mid-coverage. I really like it because I like my foundation to feel light on my skin. Coverage is good because I usually just apply BB cream and lip balm, so a mild coverage is good without looking too plain or like I've left the house with heavy foundation but forgot to apply the rest of my makeup. :)

Lasting power isn't really for 12 hours - probably because I live in humid Singapore. But it does last for about 6 or more hours, depending on where I am when I'm outside (i.e. library vs hospital wards). As for it being water-proof, I'd agree that it is! Sweat-proof...not so much. If you're sweating a little - the kind where there aren't droplets dripping down, but more like it would only dampen your tissue by a tiny bit, then yes, it's sweat-proof. Doesn't hold against actual sweating droplets though.

The cream does feel a little thicker in texture in comparison to other BB creams I've used, but blending is not a problem and it could probably be attributed to the high SPF (50+++). 

After - using NO. 2 NATURAL BEIGE.
(the greenish veins are much more faded!)

Would I buy it again: Yes! One tube (40ml) can last for a longgggg time even with daily application. 
Price: 18000 won (S$21) in S. Korea, S$30 at the local Innisfree store
Verdict: 9/10
Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product!

♥ Apple

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  1. If you live in Singapore, Innisfree has opened the store in Takashimaya. The price of this mineral sun BB cream is S$30 (yes, it's more pricey than in Korea :p). I buy it on December 2013.