Thursday, 28 November 2013

Innisfree in Singapore! + [REVIEW] Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Hello readers!

For those who are huge fans of Innisfree products (like me!), I'm sure you know by now that a store has finally opened in Singapore on November 22nd!

It's located at #B2-34/35 of Takashimaya/Ngee Ann City. It's located nearby the water fountain. 

Store Layout (Credits to Today Online)

The salespeople there are friendly and helpful - giving great recommendations and helpful suggestions to suit your needs. :) Special thanks to the lady who recommended various hand creams to me! You were a cheery and patient salesperson. :) 

Prices in the store are comparable to Korea's, especially the facial care products. Cosmetics were marked a little more steeply, but hey, when you take into account the costs of importing these products, I guess it's worth the investment. Despite the slightly higher prices, most of the products in the store were no more than $20-30. 

As an avid fan of Innisfree's products - especially their cosmetics & body care, I left the store with these few items. (I'll be doing a review for most of these products at a later date, so do check in often!)

[Top Left to Right] Green Barley Cleansing Wipes (free with every purchase), Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Kit (2 for $4)
[Bottom Left to Right] Mineral Make Up Base in #3 Purple ($20), Green Tea Mineral Mist 50ml ($8), Olive Real Moisture Hand Cream ($10), Green Tea Pure Deluxe Kit (free with every purchase $50 & above), Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water ($20)

I also got the Green Tea Seed Serum Special Set for my mother. :) Although this isn't mine, but my mom and I had a chance to try out the products yesterday night, and I was pretty impressed by the results the next day. Hence, today's review would be on this wonderful serum. 

Green Tea Seed Serum Special Set ($36)

Product Benefits:
The green tea seed serum is part of the green tea line, boasting 100% Jeju eco-friendly green tea water (in place of distilled water)

It contains green tea seed and green complex from the islands of Jeju and revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture. 

It also has a 3-free system - no mineral oil, no artificial colour, and no animal by-product. 

Serums usually work by reaching into the deeper layers of your skin, so remember to apply lotion/emulsion/moisturiser after that! Serums nourishes the deeper layers of your skin, whereas moisturisers nourishes the superficial layers. :) 

Instructions for use:
Instructions on the box says to apply serum first then the toner (termed as skin) followed by the moisturiser (termed as lotion)

[Left to Right] Serum, Skin (toner), Lotion (moisturiser)

Pump 1/2 to 1 pump of the serum onto palm, and spread over face. You can lightly tap your face with the pads of your fingers to quicken the absorption of the product. 

Tap some toner onto your palms and pat gently over face. 

Dab lotion over face. You may also rub your palms together and hold them gently over your face to encourage better absorption. :)

Summary of Review
My thoughts: 
The smell of the green tea seed can be pretty soothing to some, and absolutely horrible to others. So I'd advise you to head down to the store to try out the samples available there before buying. I personally liked the smell - it was not flowerly or fruity smelling, but more towards herbs and grass. 

The serum was initially a little sticky, same goes for the lotion, but within 2-3 mins, the stickiness feeling was gone, and my skin felt softer immediately. 

My skin remained soft and supple the next day, even after washing my face. So i was pretty impressed with the product. :) I would recommend this to you if you have not had a set facial care regime yet (I'm already a diehard Laneige fan for my facial regime, if not I would have considered this line as a facial care regime too!). 

Would I buy it again?: This product wasn't bought for me in the first place, but I would buy this for a friend! Christmas is coming, and why not spread a little joy to your close ones!

Price: $36 for the special edition set! The original price is $36 just for the serum, but with this special edition set, you get a pretty good sized green tea skin (toner) and lotion (moisturiser) too!

Verdict: 9/10

Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product!
♥ Apple
Psst, they also have another special edition set: Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Set (includes 1 Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, 1 Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner, 1 Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam) selling at $21. The clay mask is another one of their all-time best selling products, so do give it a try! :) 
Credits to Coconuts Singapore


  1. How is the Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water? Is it equivalent to a cleansing oil? I'm pretty curious about it since it's the only product of the Green Tea line that I havent tried yet :)

    Also, it's a pity they don't inclucde samples for the Green Tea Seed Oil :) That one is great too! An oil that is not oily ^^

  2. Hello! The green tea pure cleansing water is effective for light make up (i.e. bb creams) and point make up (i.e. eye liner, lipstick, etc.). I love this product among the various products in their green tea line. Here's the link to a more detailed review of the cleansing water I had posted!

    They did include mini samples of the green tea seed oil in a special sample kit that was given previously by the Innisfree Singapore store. As the green tea seed serum felt moisturizing already, I decided not to try the seed oil and gave that to my mom instead who liked it. :)