Sunday, 23 February 2014

[REVIEW] Innisfree White Tone Up Eye Serum

Hello readers! I apologize for the long over-due post, I've been so busy with thesis-writing and assignments since the Chinese New Year holidays. It's just sank in that there's only 2 months left before the deadline for my thesis...2 months = 8 weeks = no longer just a double digit countdown = panic mode. 

Pulling late-nighters is starting to become a frequent occurrence, and my body has not been peppy happy about it, especially the eyes. :( Two words: EYE CIRCLES. 
I think it's been so bad that I could be considered as a new addition to the Panda exhibition at the River Safari. 

Hello Jia Jia and Kai Kai, meet Apple. ><

In the midst of impending deadlines, late nights, and zombified eyes, I was becoming increasingly desperate for an eye cream that would really reduce the dark shadows that's been creeping wider and wider under my eyes. On a rare day when I was going to town with my mom (and staring in wide-eyed wonder at the new shops around), we happened to drop by Innisfree (yay! yippee!)!  

Being such an Innisfree fan, I decided to check out the store for a miracle eye-brightening cream. 

After imploring my problems of dark eye circles to the pleasant sales-lady, she recommended this to me!

Innisfree White Tone Up Eye Serum 

Product Benefits
Formulated with fresh berry ingredients to refine skin texture and vitamin B3 to brighten up skin tone. This whitening eye serum helps you to present a brighter and milky complexion of the eye area.

Natural Ingredients include:
Mulberry + Vitamin B3 - prevents formation of melanin, improves dark eye circles & reduces fine lines
Grape Seed Oil - contains whitening and hydrating properties
Brazilian berry, Blueberry & Western Snow Fruit
6-Free System: No parabens, No artificial fragrances, No ethanol, No artificial colors, No animal ingredients & No benzophenones.

Instructions for use:

The amount dispensed from half a pump

Apply an appropriate amount (about half a pump should suffice) onto eye area after essence (& before lotion) in the morning and evening. 
My thoughts:
I must admit, I was initially a little apprehensive when I bought the eye serum, mainly because the eye creams I've used thus far (hahahs, okay I've only had two), hadn't reduced the pigmentation around my eyes. But I still got the product mainly because the sales-lady had informed me that this product's only purpose is to reduce dark eye circles. And I thought, most of the eye products we see out there claim to do two things at once, either anti-wrinkle and anti-darkening, or anti-darkening and anti-puffiness, etc, you get my drift right? So I thought, "well, since this product only carries one sole purpose, it should work, right?"

The only qualm I have is the pump - don't go trigger happy on it, a little goes a longggggg way

I have been using this product for about 2 to 3 weeks now, and it's AMAZING. The dark pigmentation under my eyes have reduced rather significantly, especially the area near the outer corners of my eyes!(sadly it's also where the pigmentation was the darkest)

Sorry Jia Jia & Kai Kai, Apple's not coming anymore 

Would I buy it again:
YES! And I'd definitely recommend it to others who are seeking for an affordable eye serum too! Of course, do bear in mind that this has been purely effective for reducing dark eye pigmentation only, and you'll probably need another eye cream if you want to reduce eye bags too. 
Price: $34 (30ml) at local Innisfree stores, 20000 won in South Korea,

Verdict: 10/10
Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product!
♥ Apple


  1. Hye apple, i have a really bad dark circle, and i'm searching for eye serum review and this really help. Thanks a lot yeah

  2. I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but would you say that this serum is light enough to use in conjunction with a more hydrating eye cream?

    1. Hello! The serum is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, so I don't see why it shouldn't be used together with a cream. :)