Monday, 16 December 2013

[REVIEW] Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream

Hello readers! Today I'll be doing a review on one of the few BB creams I have been using for quite a while now - Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream

[40ml, SPF 30 PA++, No. 2 Natural Beige]
Product Benefits: This bb cream contains natural mineral powder naturally derived from the islands of Jeju. The minerals prevents darkening and enhances brightening of the skin. It also contains natural sebum control powder which absorbs excessive sebum on the skin surface, and helps to present a non-greasy, soft and powdery complexion all day long. It also contains Jeju green tea extract and mint extract to control and balance moisture for helatier skin. The product also carries a 4-free system: No animal ingredients, No benzophenones, No acrylamides, No artificial fragrances. 

Instructions for use:
After your regular skincare routine, apply an appropriate amount onto palm. 


Dab on forehead, nose, both cheeks and chins with your fingers then spread evenly over from wide to narrow areas. 

My thoughts: The bb cream does give you a powdery complexion upon application. However, the lasting power of this cream wasn't very strong. It lasted for approximately 3 hours before most of it seemed to have vanished from my skin. O.O Oil control was good while the bb cream lasted. The coverage it provides was good too, not too thick such that you get that gunky feeling, but not too light that all your blemishes can still be seen. It feels light and has a herb-like scent, something that I'm beginning to realise exists in many of Innisfree's products.I would recommend this for people with oily or combination skin. :)
Would I buy it again: Perhaps so, I do like the texture that the bb cream feels on my skin. Although coverage isn't very long lasting, I usually wear this only when I'm going to school (no need for all that foundation and eyeliners there!) or going out for a quick trip. So this does what I need. :)
Price: SGD$20 at local Innisfree stores (there's only one so far at Takashimaya), 18000 won (S$21) in South Korea, SGD$21 at
Verdict: 8/10
Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product!

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  1. finally there's someone who reviewed this bc i'd been wanting to buy this but there seemed to be no reviews :< i'm very oily that's why i'm always careful with base makeups that im going to buy, may i know what's your skin type? i was wondering if youre as oily as me aka the oiliest girl out there lol too bad this bb cream is not so long lasting though (bc the price is pretty up there)

    1. My skin type used to be very oily (I'd take up two clean & clear oil control sheets O_O). But I have been seeking medical treatment for my skin (due to a period of ravaging deep-scar-inducing outbreaks) and my skin is now normal, with a T-zone that can get oily sometimes. :)

      I'd suggest trying Mineral Sun Waterproof BB Cream, also from Innisfree. I've been trying that lately, and it has longer lasting power! This will be an upcoming review on my blog soon. :)