Friday, 20 December 2013

[REVIEW] Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water

Hello readers! Continuing a series of reviews from the products I had bought from Innisfree, today's review would be on the Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water!

This product is used to remove light make-up such as bb creams, as well as light point make up such as eye-liners. This was something I had gotten on a whim while browsing through the store. The bottle was rather big, containing 300ml of the liquid. And being a fan of the Green Tea series, I couldn't resist giving this a try. 

Product Benefits: 
This dewy, easily washable cleansing water contains Jeju eco-friendly green tea and Green Complex, and witch hazel water which provides moisturising, antioxidant properties and thoroughly removes not only sunscreen and BB cream, but also light point make-up. 

4-Free System: No parabens, No animal ingredients, No mineral oil, No artificial fragrances. 

Instructions for use: 

Place 2 sheets of cotton pads on top of pump and gently press downwards. 

Cute pump!
Use wet cotton pads to softly swipe across your face. 

For demonstration purposes, I had only used one cotton pad

When your skin feels dry, wash only with water after product use. 

Before (right) & After (left)


My thoughts: When I opened the cap and pumped some of the water onto the cotton pad, I immediately got a whiff of the product. The green tea fragrance is just like the rest of the brand's Green Tea line - which is something I enjoy very very much. The fragrance is a lot stronger here, so for those who aren't sure if they're fans of green tea, it would be best to head down to your local store to try it out before buying! The make-up remover properties was also good! It left my skin feeling a tad bit greasy after cleaning, but this disappeared after a few minutes, in which it left my skin feeling soft and cool. It doesn't appear to have any alcohol in it either. The green tea fragrance lingers on the skin after removal (yay!). :) I would recommend this to people who only wear very light make-up or sunscreen. :)

Would I buy it again: Yes! I love the cleansing power of this product, and the smell is a huge yes for me too!

 Price: SGD$20 at local Innisfree stores, 12000won (~SGD$14.30) in South Korea, SGD$19.90 at

 Verdict: 10/10

 Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product! 

 ♥ Apple

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