Thursday, 12 December 2013

[REVIEW] Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam

Hello readers! As I've recently been on an Innisfree Green Tea blogging spree, I thought I might as well do a review on this facial cleanser - Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleaning Foam. I alternate my cleansers between this one and Laneige Multicleanser (my review of that here!). 

As most of you know by now (if you don't, click here for a quick summary of the brand, Innisfree!), Innisfree is my favourite cosmetic brand due to its natural ingredients. Their facial cleansers are also pretty affordable, and effective too! 

Product Benefits: 
Enriched with Green Tea and Green complex from pure Jeju Island. Green tea revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture.
This mild cleansing foam cleanser contains Jeju eco-friendly green tea moisturising, antioxidant ingredients and kaolin. It washes off not only make-up residue, but also soft facial hair impurities with its refined and foamy lather as it helps to create fresh and clean skin.

Instructions for use: 
Squeeze an appropriate amount onto clean hands and create lather. Smoothly massage over your face and throughly rinse with lukewarm water.

about a 20-cent dollop worth of cream usually works :)

My thoughts: I absolutely love the green herb and grass-like smell of this cleanser. The fragrance is pretty intense compared to the other similar products in the Innisfree Green Tea Line. 

Would I buy it again: Yes! I alternate this with my Laneige Multi Cleanser :)

Price: SGD$10 at local Innisfree stores, 6000won in South Korea

Verdict: 9/10

Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product! 
 ♥ Apple

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