Tuesday, 27 October 2015

[REVIEW] su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

So today is going to be a short post on a new product which I am recently falling very much in love with - su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. I picked this up when I went to Seoul two weeks ago. :)

Product Benefits:
"With plenty of foams, this cleansing stick removes wastes without skin irritation and has even a soft skincare effect" (from su:m37 official website in english)

"This unique cleansing product is specially formulated in a stick form to directly target dirt and impurities trapped in the skin. It is mainly composed of natural fruit extracts and fermented botanical herbs that offers deep cleansing without irritation. Aside from clarifying the pores, this cleansing stick also supplies nutrients into the skin to improve its texture and complexion. It is highly recommended for those who suffer from oily and sensitive skin as this also has a sebum-controlling formula and soothing effect." (from memebox)

Instructions for use:
There are several ways to use the cleansing stick.

1. Directly onto the face!
As per instructions from the box - wet face with water. Twist stick up about 1mm then place it on damp skin and rotate the stick in circular motions around the face. Use fingers and gently rub to create foam. Cleanse throughly and pat dry.

I've read some reviews which claims that this method causes the stick to finish faster. However, I think it depends on how light your hand is, and how much you rotate the stick all over your face. I use this method and gently rotate once around my face, then I would start soaping it with the tips of my fingers. There are also some reviews that highlighted a concern about whether it would be unhygenic to use the stick directly. Well, I use this only in the mornings, and usually after rotating the stick on my face, I would use a finger (of course, hands have been throughly washed with soap prior) to gently swipe once through the top of the stick as well as the sides.

2. Washing Net
Similar to technique #1, except that you rub the stick against your (damp) washing net instead of your face. Gather foam using the net, and place the foam on your face - proceed as you would when you clean your face, then cleanse throughly and pat dry.

Again, in order to reduce wastage, it would be wise to use a gentle hand when rubbing the stick against the washing net. Think of it as a bar of soap. If enough friction is placed, bits of soap may be grazed off by the net. :) So gentle is the key word here.

3. Konjac / Facial Sponge
Rub stick against damp sponge, and squeeze the sponge several times to achieve foam. Cleanse face with foam and sponge, then wash throughly and pat dry.

Some users swear by this method as they reported that it reduces wastage of the cleansing stick. I didn't use this method mainly because - my sink is way too small to place a sponge. Besides, I have grown to like the feeling of rubbing the stick around my face. XD

My thoughts: This cleanser is amaze-balls. It produces very little foam, making it for easier cleansing. And it leaves my skin feeling calm and soft - there is ABSOLUTELY no feeling of my face being stripped of oil anywhere. I'd usually feel a little tight and dry around the corners of my nose, even for the gentlest cleanser I have. But this one amazed me right off the first wash. My face feels moisturized, soft, and calm - if it's personified - it'd be...contented. Absolutely contented. I can get away with washing my face followed by my usual application of treatment essence (I'm currently using up my Innisfree's Soybean Energy Essence, and would be replacing that with Missha's First Treatment Essence - review soon too!)

The smell of the cleansing stick was also very pleasant. It was neither harsh, or overpowering. It had a very delicate soap + roses scent. Oh did I mention, there are also real damask rose petals infused into the stick. It doesn't seem to serve much purpose (maybe provide some gentle exfoliation?) though.

Dried damask rose petals infused into the stick
Would I buy it again: Yes. In fact, I had bought another one prior to leaving Seoul, and I currently have another one on the way from :D This is how much I love this cleansing stick and would always ensure to keep at least two backups. 
Price: 28000 won (approx SGD$35)
Verdict: 10/10
Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product!

♥ Apple

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