Tuesday, 22 October 2013

[REVIEW] Laneige Multi Cleanser

Hello readers! This is my first post on this blog so I'm feeling a little excited about it. Do let me know under the comments section if there is anything else you'd like me to include in the reviews or if there is anything to improve on okay? Please & thank youuuu. :)
Now, I'll be doing a review on my #1 facial care brand today - Laneige.
Laneige is a popular facial care and cosmetics brand located in Korea. Under the company of Amore Pacific, Laneige prides itself in using the science of water to produce their best-selling products. Laneige means "snow" in French and is the result of intense research into hydration technology.
They have a series of Skin Care Lines to suit people of all ages and skin types such as:
1. Basic Care - 3 types for Dry/Normal Skin, Combination/Oily Skin, and Sensitive Skin.
2. White Plus Renew - for whitening
3. Pore Care - for pore troubles
4. Perfect Renew - for firming
5. Time Freeze (new in 2013!) - for anti-aging
Check out their Laneige SG website here for more details!
We have probably come across numerous reviews raving and praising their Water Sleep Pack_Ex (which by the way, is a product I will be reviewing next time too).
Today's review is going to be about one of their facial cleansers - Laneige Multi Cleanser
I have been using this cleanser for more than a year now, and it has now become a staple in my facial care regime. It has four functions:
- cleanser
- removes makeup
- removes sunscreen
- exfoliator (gentle enough for everyday use!)
This is perfect for those who wear light make up (such as BB cream) or sunscreen everyday!
Laneige Multi Cleanser
Product Benefits (taken from the Laneige website):
- A new 4-in-1 cleanser removes makeup, removes sunscreen, exfoliates and cleanses at once.
- Micro-sized dense foam removes makeup completely leaving fresh feeling
- Mild plant-based cleansing ingredients and Papain enzymes, the exfoliating enzymes extracted from papaya fruit, remove makeup completely and exfoliate for smoother skin.
Laneige Multi Cleanser Close Up
Instructions for use (taken from the Laneige website):
1. Wet face and then release about a coin-sized amount of cleanser to massage onto face and melt makeup.
2. Use every day to purify pores for brighter skin.
My thoughts: One bottle of this can last you for a long time, even when you use it twice daily. All you need is a 10-cent sized amount.
Laneige Multi Cleanser - Just a dime sized amount! Laneige Multi Cleanser - Dense foam, no bubbles!
After adding it with a little bit of water, the foam that formulates is dense and doesn't result in a lot of bubbles. You can use this to remove light make-up or sunscreen too! I have tried this previously and it does remove BB Cream / Sunscreen very easily, leaving your skin clean and great-smelling. :)
*there are other reviews which may mention that the cleanser often leaves their face feeling "too clean" and tight. But that wasn't a problem for me. For those who do experience the tightness (or are worried about it), I would suggest using a light moisturiser such as Hado Labo hydrating lotion afterwards. 
Would I buy it again: Yes. This has been a staple facial wash of mine for a little over a year now. I am currently on my second one, and had bought two more when I was in Seoul. :)
Price: 17000 won (S$20) @ Lotte Duty Free (Seoul), S$24.90 @, S$35 @ local Laneige stores (SG)
Verdict: 10/10
Thanks for reading this! And do share your thoughts about this product!
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